Generally, companies sold a portion of their ownership in exchange for money. Investors buy shares of the company and buy a portion of the shares. They then become a shareholder, company shares are called equities.

Equities are traded in the stock market. These can be in primary or secondary markets. In the primary market, companies are listed by an initial public offering. In this way, new securities are available in the primary market. At present, more than 1300 securities are available for equity trading on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and available on more than 6000 Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), in the secondary market, in the purchase or sale of securities already issued by investors.

You need a demat account before you can start trading on India’s stock exchange.


How to trade in equity?

Equity trading is very easy. You only need to buy shares of a company. To do this, you need to have a Demat and Equity Trading account. To transfer money easily for equity purchases, you need to link this trading account to your savings account.

Why invest in equity

It is also not helpful to save money and keep it aside.

Here’s why you should invest in the stock market:

Reduce inflation – People who invest in inflation prevention- Increase in prices of daily commodities and services. Due to inflation, you have to pay money to buy goods in equal proportion. To meet the resulting future costs, you feel you need to save more. That is why you invest. It increases the value of your money by timely return. Equity trading is a great way to stop inflation.

Better than bonding: Equity trading is one of the risky investments, as a result, many people are afraid of stock market investment. They fear that the speed in the stock market can jeopardize their financial security. However, there is risk in all investments. Keeping money in bank accounts or keeping money in a locker can only be considered very safe in bank accounts, but its lower returns do not help to curb inflation.

One of the most liquid investment options: Equities let you quickly convert the flexibility of your holdings pattern and quickly convert your holdings into cash. This is the most suitable option for investors seeking cash investing compared to other asset classes

Why invest with us?

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